World is full of surprises and adventures. We need to be prepare to face them with the best of our efforts. So, Safety is the most important criteria of our task. ITS TRAVEL GROUP operate tours in so many countries around the globe. we listen to governmental advice about travel warnings, political instability or natural disasters from time to time and our contacts on the ground to make the most informed decisions when assessing the potential risks of every situation.

The FCO Travel Advice Service provides information to travelers about potential dangers that may exist in certain destinations. It is the same advice that we often use when deciding if we should cancel or alter a tour because of any recently-developed problem.

However, while we give the highest regard to this advice we are not necessarily bound by it, and at times tours may continue to operate in countries that the FCO has advised against traveling to. Although not exclusively, the main reason for this is because as a government office the FCO has to provide advice for all level of tourist and must err heavily on the side of caution. While we would never put clients’ safety in jeopardy, there are times where our local operators with good local knowledge mean that certain FCO warnings don’t always apply..